Dr. David Ako Odoi, President

“We have courses that are tailor-made to help the students to work in comfort without compromising academic rigour. Our staff is dedicated and willing at all times to listen, guide and counsel. I join hand with all my colleagues at Flowers to say ‘welcome’ and enjoy your stay with us.”


Melanie Flowers, Registrar & CFO

“Do you want to create a New Career or add a recognisable value to your profession? Join us in-class seminars or workshops to follow instructor-led mode of learning or work from home by instructor-facilitated via the Flowers Learning Portal. Contact us today for free consultation to discuss your needs.”


Dr. Allison Hughes, Vice President

“Our programmes are extensively internationalised to give students the global competence they need to compete both at home and abroad. If you are considering a lifetime of achievement and want to remain connected in the global market, I invite you to explore the possibilities Flowers has to offer.”

Giving Back.fw

Giving Back

Flowers is a career-builder, professional development, research and development oriented institution registered in Germany, the United Kingdom and Ghana. Our modus operandi was not derived for economic gains but rather to give back to society, particularly to help folks from low wage backgrounds and developing countries. Share your expertise and partner with us to empower the underprivileged!

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Research and Development

Research & Development

To align the requirements of knowledge transfer and technology sharing & licensing to drive business solutions forward, Flowers has forged strategic business partnerships and networks with a number of organisations to satisfy the requirements you are searching for to gain a competitive edge in your field and bring your noble concept to realisation.

Empowering Globally.fw

Empowering Globally

In academic collaborative partnership with international faculties and universities, Flowers seeks to extend education, capacity-building, self-development, professional development and self-empowerment to refugees and individuals in need free of charge, help them to gain an increased awareness of the fundamental issues of democracy, human dignity and human rights, and how to explore local resources for the betterment of their communities.

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Instructor-led Full-time

We offer instructor-led capacity-building professional courses through face-to-face seminars or lectures.

Instructor-facilitated Full-time

Flowers Online Learning provides the convenience of self-study or instructor-facilitated online training, and gives course participants the opportunity to be able to ask questions and receive feedback from an expert.

Blended Part-time

Blended learning courses encompass both face-to-face seminars or lectures and self-study online learning activities.


Tuebinger Strasse 30
72127 Kusterdingen
Tel: +49 (0) 7071 796 5001
E-mail: info@uni-flowers.de
URL: www.uni-flowers.de

United Kingdom

United Kingdom
E-mail: info@flowers.ac
URL: www.flowers.ac


No. 82 Landmark House
Linsay Street
Adjiriganor, East Legon
Accra – Ghana
Tel: +233 (0) 55 252 9956
E-mail: register.gh@flowers.ac
URL: www.flowers.ac

7th Floor, GNAT Heights
30 Independence Avenue
Accra – Ghana
Tel: +233 (0) 55 252 9956
E-mail: register.gh@flowers.ac
URL: www.flowers.ac


About Flowers Online Learning

Are you searching for an affordable route to enhance your profession without the need to quit your job? The Flowers Online Learning portal is the solution you’ve been searching for. Study at your own pace, do the exercises at your own time, and seek qualification when you’re ready. The Flowers Online Learning platform allows you to keep your job, spend time with your family, while enhancing your profession at your own pace at the same time. Above all, the Flowers Online Learning portal is one of the time-resource-cost-effective ways to build a new career.

Available Courses Online

Flowers Online Learning is continuously introducing a range of new streamlined courses strategically designed to not only equip you for success, but also to give you the tools you need to co-evolve with the rapidly changing environment. Browse available courses on the FOL platform and receive information on newly added courses by subscribing to the Flowers’ newsletter.


Technology Services

The key strength of an organisation’s economic success in the global competition rests on its ability to provide highly specific and custom-centred products on short-term notice and cost-effectively. We pride ourselves in deriving the mechanisms to help you achieve just that.

Business Services

If you or your organisation is searching for the tools and resources and expertise to give you or your organisation the competitive edge you need to thrive and improve performance, then forging a collaborative partnership with Flowers is the ideal platform you’ve been searching for. Benefits include informed product analysis before manufacture, collaborative R & D, knowledge transfer, access to innovation, development of your business…


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