Jane Akomea-Agyin

Jane Akomea-Agyin holds an MSc degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from the University of Ghana, Legon, and a BSc degree in Physics and Computer Science also from the University of Ghana, Legon.

She is an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI RLC) and acts as the vice president of the Online Ghana chapter.

During her bachelor’s degree, Jane was awarded the NCR Best Graduating Computer Science Project Student Award 2009/2010.

She has a track record of successful engagement at different levels of organizations/sectors with experience in field and lab research works, data collection and analysis, information technology, management, marketing and sales, and entrepreneurship.

She also has a research and advocacy experience in environmental sustainability.

Faculty Profile


  • MSc Climate Change and Sustainable Development, University of Ghana, Legon
  • BSc Computer Science and Physics, University of Ghana, Legon
  • Certificate in Leadership Program, YALI Regional Leadership Centre, Accra, Ghana
  • Certificate in Health and Society, Harvard Online Program

Research & Teaching Interests

» Sustainable Development

» Research

» Administration

» Management

» Entrepreneurship

» Information Technology

Research Portfolio

MSc Thesis

During her master’s programme, Jane worked on “The challenges in the management of water resources in Ghana: A case study of the Densu River”. This research was done through interviews of major stakeholders, and through field observations.


BSc Project Work

During her bachelor’s degree, Jane worked on a project she called “SmartHouse” – this was a system to automate and control household electrical appliances using the Timer, Manual, and SMS modes. The project was achieved by interfacing a built electronic circuit to a computer with a written computer program installed on it, using the CSharp programming language.

This project was awarded the NCR best graduating computer science project student award after its successful completion.

Employment History

Field Data Collection Personnel (October 2017 – November 2017)

She worked on a project for GHASIP in collaboration with the University of Ghana Geography Department, and she was among a team of researchers who collected and analysed field data on “The impact of climate change vulnerability on livelihoods” in some selected communities in the Brong Ahafo and Northern Regions of Ghana, through interviews and focus group discussions.

Research Assistant (April 2015 – April 2017)

As a research assistant, Jane worked on a project for International Water Management Institute on “Briquette production from municipal solid waste in Ghana”, where she worked on both the field and in the lab, and researched topical areas to aid in the successful completion of the project. She analysed the characteristics of raw materials (municipal solid wastes) with various instrumentations to find out the best raw materials suitable for the briquette production. After the briquettes were produced with different materials and varying quantities, she analysed the properties and characteristics of the produced briquettes to find out which is best for the market and consumption.

Managing Director and Sales Executive (April 2012 – January 2015)

At Sofresh Foods Ltd – fisheries, Jane worked as the managing director and sales executive, where she helped the company achieve its goals. She was in charge of all the affairs of the company, and managed eight employees (an assistant, warehouse operators, driver, pond operators, and other labourers). Under her leadership, the company realised an average monthly turnover of about GHC75,000. She was incharge of the direct human resources, the finances and accounts, business development, reporting and records keeping where she made daily, monthly and yearly reports.

Systems Analyst and Marketing executive (October 2011 – January 2015)

Jane worked at Comply Africa Ltd – A software development firm as a systems analyst and marketing executive. She studied the developed software to make sure it works perfectly, drew user manuals and prepared training programs. She also studied client’s existing system to identify what they need and worked closely with the developers to meet the needs and requirements of the client. She was also in charge of business development.

Customer Care Assistant and Database Officer (October, 2010 – July, 2011)

Jane worked at the La General Hospital as a national service person, where she attended to and assisted patients with the folders and request, after the day’s work, she collected all folders that were worked on and coded the diseases. She was also responsible for the filling of folders and records keeping.


During her master’s program, she acted as the course rep for her class and served as the intermediary between the faculty members and the students.

She currently acts as the vice president for the YALI online Ghana chapter.

Teaching & Research

IT Management

This course will enable Students, Computer Scientists, IT Managers, Auditors, Consultants and all those interested in using IT tools to support an organization to fulfill its objectives. Participants will acquire the ability to make the right and cost effective IT decisions that will enhance security, optimize organizational service/product delivery, enhanced communication with stakeholders. The course will benefit participants to use IT tools in designing business frameworks/Infrastructure, IT Governance in Organizations, IT Systems Acquisition, Maintenance and Support of IT Systems, Managing IT Projects, IT Security/ Securing IT Assets in Organizations.

Institute of Business and Management

The Institute of Business and Management offers postgraduate and undergraduate level professional courses. Flowers’ business courses are committed to providing hands-on practical approaches to how to successfully improve operations and processes within organisations and designed to equip students to pursue a long-term career in business and management in a variety of fields.