Melanie Flowers

Melanie Flowers is doing her PhD in Business and Management at the Faculty of Business, Education and Professional Studies, University of Gloucestershire, UK. She holds a Magister Artium (M.A.) in Political Science with focus on International Relations and New English Literature from Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany. Her research interests are in the fields of conflict resolution, peace implementation, negotiation and mediation, human resource management, communication and listening skills, organizational conflict and its management.

Based on her research on the dynamics of the Liberian civil wars and peace implementation process, Melanie has given invited lectures on Liberia – its past and current history. In acknowledging that conflict is omnipresent at all levels (international, national, interpersonal, intrapersonal), Melanie is currently investigating organizational conflict and its diverse effects on interpersonal relations at the workplace as well as on organizational culture and performance. She gave an introductory lecture on Conflict Resolution at the Workplace to entrepreneurs in Kusterdingen, Tuebingen, Germany.

Faculty Profile

Public Lectures

Public Lectures

  • Lecture on conflict resolution at the workplace. Event: Business Seminars for the Self-Employed, Flowers School of Technology and Management, Kusterdingen, Germany, 28 September 2013.
  • Lecture on the post-war situation in Liberia. Event: “Afrikanische Welten”, Volkshochschule Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany, 5 July 2011.
  • Lecture on Liberia as a forgotten country. Event: “Vergessene Laender”, Landestheater Tübingen (LTT), Tübingen, Germany, 15 October 2010.
  • Lecture on Liberia and its history. Event: “Interkulturelle Woche 2010”, Volkshochschule Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany, 2 October 2010.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Conflict resolution
  • Peace implementation
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Human resource management
  • Communication and listening skills
  • The mediation process
  • Conflict management methods, strategies and styles
  • Organizational conflict and its management
  • Interplay between interpersonal relations and organizational culture
  • Organizational performance


The influence of organisational conflict management on interpersonal relations and performance

Book Publishing

Conflict Resolution: Peace Implementation In New Wars

Melanie Flowers’ “Conflict Resolution: Peace Implementation in New Wars” offers an assessment of the phase immediately following the signing of a peace agreement. It contributes knowledge to the understanding of the challenges to peace processes during peace implementation and identifies factors that are decisive or necessary for a successful peace implementation in the context of a new war. The author argues that a high quality of the peace agreement and high international interest and commitment are critical for implementing a peace accord in a difficult conflict environment. The dynamics of the Liberian civil wars (1989-1996 and 1999-2003) illustrate the subject-matter.

Teaching & Research

Negotiation and Mediation

Negotiation and Mediation is a course on the two fundamental peaceful methods of conflict resolution, considering the conflict at hand, the different methods of dealing with it and their success conditions. Every day families, neighbours, businesses and nations face the dilemma of how to get to “yes” without escalating the conflict or damaging relationships. To help you understand and apply mediation and negotiation in different situations and settings, this course gives you an overview of the methods and research findings as well as provides a practical approach for negotiating agreements amicably in every day life.

Public Lecture on Liberia

Public Lecture: Forgotten Countries

Presenter: Melanie Flowers

Theme: Vergessene Länder Dieser Erde — Forgotten Countries of This Earth

Language: German

Venue: Landestheater Tübingen (LTT), Tübingen, Germany

Date: 15 October 2010