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Successfully enterprising national society and the international community as a whole is key to achieving development. For instance, lack of business entry strategies and facilities force fresh university graduates to compromise their qualifications and aspirations by accepting to work in areas that are divergent to the personal goals they had set for themselves prior to graduation. Ghana, like other African countries, has the human resources and capacity to stimulate national growth by tapping into the knowledgebase of the graduate demographics. Unfortunately, many mainstream tertiary institutions in Africa can only provide “exit strategies”. When students write their final examinations and pass, they exit the university and any connection to the university is quickly severed unless the individual graduate has something to offer to the alma mater. The graduates are left on their own to seek their own job entry strategies. How do we help graduates to become employable; starters to succeed; and the started to grow? In order to address this national issue, Flowers School of Technology and Management has initiated the Flowers Innovation Global, a concept or body with business-biased autonomy status within the Institution, to offer support to both start-up and existing companies.

Welcome to the HUB

The Flowers Innovation Global functions simply as a commercial entity by supporting business and innovation, targeting scholars of Flowers University, alumni and others in need of opportunities to enterprise their ideas and themselves.

The Flowers Innovation Global is the business and innovation hub of the Flowers University. The core functions of the Flowers Innovation Global concept include:

  • Global Research: engage in cutting-edge research activities across science, engineering, technology, business, the arts, etc., to translate knowledge into solutions that solve global problems as well as help national communities to thrive.

  • Global Study: promote global teaching and entrepreneurship.

  • Global Knowledge: share knowledge across the globe.

  • Collaboration: support local start-up and existing businesses to grow for community development, paving the way for regional success.

  • Business Support: provide practical business training/coaching and trainees with the tools, facilities (such as office space, prestigious business address, virtual space, meeting space, conference or seminar rooms, etc.) and possibly the micro-finance they need to launch and manage a business.

  • Development Partnership: enables collaborative research, analysis, engineering and development of state-of-the-art products and services that aim at solving problems in developing countries.

It is important to understand that while Flowers Innovation Global will serve as a hub to incubate and or help companies to grow, the centre will set strict rules to ensure that subscribing companies fall within the sectors descriptive of the various institutions and are not engaged in activities that deviate from the core values and ethics of the Flowers University. The Terms and Conditions for the use of the Flowers Innovation Global will be a comprehensive information resource to guide the operations of the business and technology hub.

Incubate Your Business

The multi-purpose Flowers Innovation Global will serve as a hub for commercially viable starter business and Flowers spin-out business activities. Current students or graduates who wish to transfer their knowledgebase into a commercially viable business can gain access to the firsthand platform they need to launch their business services and products. Upon duly registering their companies, they can apply to become virtual or physical tenants (subject to availability of space at the time of application) within the Flowers Innovation Global and operate under their business company names but use the hub’s facilities (office space, printers, telephone, computers, meeting rooms, conference or seminar rooms, etc.). They will also have the opportunity to use the Institution’s prestigious address as well as benefit from close collaborations through the Institution’s national and international network. Individual companies listed at the Centre can engage in research, consultancy, service or product development.

Unlike physical occupiers, virtual tenants may be business entities who prefer to work from home to save cost on transportation and time lost in traffic, etc., without compromising the brand image they need to appeal and be taken serious.

Flowers innovation Global will encourage graduates to remain in their expertise knowledge field and strive to achieve what they’d always wanted to do with passion. Due to the turbulence on the job market search, graduates from any professional background can invest minimum or zero capital to launch their own dream businesses with great financial results or rewards.


Applications open soon

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Partner For Technology Development & Transfer

As the manufacturing environment is stochastic, featuring product demand uncertainties, machine downtimes, static and dynamic complexities, defects in parts and other agents of randomness, Flowers University has strategically forged collaboration with KLK GmbH in order to research, analyse, engineer and develop state-of-the-art products via Development Partnership opportunities. Current engineering developments feature the τ-stoss technology for product development and assembly; gullwing car specifically designed for the African environment; prexijet as the ideal business jet; aerocar, the car that converts to aeroplane; etc.

If you or your organisation is searching for the tools and resources and expertise to give you or your organisation the competitive edge you need to thrive and improve performance, then forging a collaborative partnership with Flowers is the ideal platform you’ve been searching for. We provide expertise-oriented professional consultancy services. For the manufacturing sector, benefits include informed product analysis before manufacture, collaborative R & D, knowledge transfer, access to innovation, project development and project management of your business…

TECHNOLOGY LICENSING. Recognising that the key strength of an organisation’s economic success in the global competition rests on its ability to provide highly specific and custom-centred products on short-term notice and cost-effectively, Flowers University has set up a Strategic Development Partnership scheme with KLK (Stuttgart) GmbH, Germany, a top-notch engineering services company, for your engineering design and services needs. Contact us today to discuss your product needs.

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Tau Stoss Technology

The tau-Stoss Technology is a newly added state-of-the-art innovation to the body of knowledge (BOK) and inventions in engineering. Developed in-house, the tau-Stoss Technology’s extensive applications in sheetmetal parts assemblage is a demonstration of its versatility and robustness.

The tau-Stoss Technology strategically requires laser cutting of steel sheets, for example, to ensure optimal blanking. This quality approach ensures that the surface topography of blanked edges of parts do not present the propagation of burrs, fracture zones, and or any other abused cut surfaces otherwise induced from strain hardening of sheared edges due to elastic and plastic deformations induced by conventional piercing or punch, trimming, cutting and or blanking tool force.

The Flying Car: AeroCar

If you or your institution or organisation is interested in bringing your noble concept to realisation, then our Development Partnership programme is what you’ve been searching for. Our bottom-up approach to product development and engineering means we partner with you to help bring your engineering services needs to life.

If your developmental interest and investment target lie strategically in the domain of solving today’s road traffic that tend to impede businesses, then we are happy to invite you for an audience with us. The AeroCar is simply our unique design concept that presents the sought-after solution business personalities have been searching for. How does it sound to see your automobile convert into a small aeroplane in order to enable you escape the hectic road traffic?

Car Rotating Wheel

In order to reduce information content for product development and assembly without compromising product quality and conformance to engineering specifications, we place emphasis on analysis and construction of vehicular products by stressing on components weight, stiffness and strength. The τ-stoss technology is developed to promise innovation for parts assembly at lowered costs. The CarGate, an automobile inspection methodology made easy design concept, is assembled using the tau-Stoss technology approach.

As it is economical for autobody component assembly to strategically require very low tool set-up cost, parts construction using the τ-stoss technology leads to high stiffness in the material assembly, and the extensive number of connection points presents very little or no structural warping. Potential applications of the τ-stoss technology for product assembly can be extended to the design and manufacture of a motorized and reliably rigid car rotating wheel (a useful tool for inspection or fixing elements without a need to lie under the body, etc.).

Gullwing Car

In today’s agile-centric dynamic manufacturing environment, the scope of the economic importance of the tau-Stoss Technology takes into consideration lowering the costs for manufacturing resources, reducing parts assembling time, enhancing manufacturing flexibility, lowering investment costs on tooling, and the like.

Industrial application of the tau-Stoss technology can be extended to the successful production and assembly of a gullwing car, a design concept that satisfies the requirements of lowering production costs, ease of maintenance and adequacy for offroad courses particularly in developing countries.

Custom-built Limousine

The development of tau-Stoss Technology – a novel technique applicable to manual assembling of autobody components – resulted in the manufacture of a tau-Stoss assembled prototype limousine, whose physical experimental test drives on varied courses and speeds validate both the robustness and implementability of the design parameters.

Application of the axiomatic design theory to map out the design system for the construction and manual assembly of the automotive body makes room for the construction and manual assembly of the automotive body and also significantly reduces both manufacturing and labour contents; optimises manufacturing process capability by reducing excess inventory and preventing defects in operations; and allows manufacturability of the novel technology-based product.


Our engineering expertise stretches beyond the frontiers of friendly to unfriendly environments in order to better address potential engineering challenges. We believe that engineering products must perform as advertised… regardless of environmental factors. User-friendliness must make room for hostile environments. Our current projects include the PrexyJet: an aerodynamically shaped business or Presidential Jet, designed to fulfil all area requirements, will cruise at speeds near that of sound. Designed to meet the taste of the top executive, this luxury of a stylish presidential jet can take you, your passengers or business associates far into the aerospace of your comfort with an excellent conference room to spare. Contact us today to experience the feel of a president while in aerospace.

The SpikePro

The SpikePro (GB Patent #9917363.5) is a running shoe feature designed to solve quality problems in the context of enhancing durability of spikes and prevent undue injury to the athlete, particularly during warm-up sessions in spikes (running shoes).

Do you have any project or dream on mind… and don’t know the next step forward? We are here to help. Whatever your requirements are, we will be able to translate your description into a feasible and manufacturable invention.