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“You would agree with me that many people, probably including you and your loved ones have had or still have the inspiration to write a book or even short stories or articles. This same desire when properly guided has made some people achieve their life dreams of becoming wealthy authors. Writing and getting properly paid for it is called ‘AUTHORPRENEURSHIP’ which is what the course author has intelligently and thoroughly offered powerful coaching on in this course material. The course content is a one-of-a-kind resource for both the beginner and the veteran in the area of creative writing and publishing.” — Dr. Joseph Adonu, Psychology Lecturer, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, and Author of How To Excel and Have Fun At University.

How many times have you tried to unleash your writing potential but failed to do so due to perhaps procrastination or lack of motivation? How many books have you stopped half-way reading simply because you’d thought you could have written better than the author? Have you written a book now? Do you have a story idea you intend to develop? Are you writing a story with difficulty? Is it your dream to have your story published and released both in print and audio? If there is at least one YES in your responses, then this is your opportunity to learn how to plan, draft and complete a 90,000-word novel in 50 days or less… Plus how to get published… and Plus how to successfully market your work online and offline.

If you’ve survived a civil war, an unspeakable ordeal, plane crash, shipwreck, it’s a book. If you’re a top athlete, you’re a book. If you hold the national eating competition, it’s a book. If you’re a big drug cheat, you’re a book. If you’ve told one interesting story a thousand times, tell it once more in a book. If you’re a cancer survivor, you’re a living book. If people are amazed to hear your life experiences, you have a book in you. Unleash your writing potential… and marry the basic skills in Entrepreneurship and Authorship to become an Authorpreneur.

Course Title: Certificate in Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship.

Venue: Germany, Ghana and or Liberia.

Course Length: 09:30 – 13:30 (4 hours).

Course Language: English and or German.

Core Themes: Book Authoring, Writing Book Proposal, Writing a Novel in 50 Days or Less, Editing and Preparing the Manuscript, Creating Niche Information Materials, Authorpreneurship, Online and Offline Marketing Campaign Shemes, On Publishing.

Course Delivery Mode: Derived from the title Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship, the course material content will be delivered in-class via highly interactive and participatory presentation mode.

Option #1: Instructor-facilitated Online Study

Course Venue: Flowers Online Learning (FOL) portal
Course Fee: US $150.00
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Registration: Open
FOL Access Length: 12 months
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Option #2: Instructor-led Blended Learning

Course Venues: In-Class and FOL
Course Fee: US $500
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Option #3: Instructor-led In-class

Course Venues: TBA
Course Fee: TBA
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Who is this course designed for?

The Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship course is designed for professionals and writing enthusiasts in diverse fields who desire an all-in-one guidance tools to help them bundle their passion into a published book.


Be enthusiastic about writing and getting published.

What resources will I need for this class?

Apart from having easy access to an in-class course venue, you are encouraged to also have access to an up-to-date browser and a decent Internet connection.

Suggested Readings

The course content is a derivative of “Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship” by Michael Flowers. This should be adequate.

This Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship self-help-driven course material is about guiding you to quit talking and begin doing; and to bundle your knowledge, interests, hobbies, expertise, passion, skills, talents, motivational speaking, and all the good stuffs you’re good at, into a published book for your many potential readers in-wait.

  • Introduction to Authorpreneurship
  • Writing the Book Proposal
  • How to Write a Novel in 50 Days
  • Preparing your Manuscript (MSS)
  • Querying the Literary Agent
  • Creating Niche Information Materials
  • Introduction to eNewsletter Business
  • Developing Your Business Website
  • Marketing Campaign Schemes
  • Brand Management

You may choose to obtain your own copy, if following the Distance Learning mode.

Course Access Period for Distance Mode: Open

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Course Textbook: Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship

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