Master Speaker and Communicator

Theoretical Background

International Received Pronunciation is often considered the most ‘unaccented’ and beautiful way to speak English and is our most popular program. The Master Speaker program will help you speak Standard English naturally and change the way you present – providing personal and professional benefit.

Master Communicator is for speakers of English and company representatives who want to learn the techniques to reach the full potential of their voice and speak and communicate much more effectively. The course is designed to train speakers to a professional broadcast level of presentation.

Do you know that the way you or your organisation’s rep speaks is certainly one of the most personal things about you or your organisation? It impacts on your success in professional and social settings, from job interviews to meeting new people or clients. In today’s competitive employment market or business environment, those with the ability to speak clearly and with conviction have the edge.

If you had followed the 2008 US election campaigns closely, then you would have certainly agreed that speech played a major role in voters’ decision-making. If you’ve been searching for a flexible but very effective and result-oriented Master Speaker training programme that will help you get rid of that regional accent and help you master an International Received Pronunciation and an elegant way of speaking, then stop searching. Your next click to learn more about the Master Speaker training programme is a major step to get you closer to the solution you’ve been searching for. Click here to SUBSCRIBE TODAY and claim 10% discount using the code FLOWERS10.

In partnership with, the world’s Number One provider of dynamic speech training, you and or your business marketing rep can now neutralise that foreign or regional accent, improve speech clarity, reduce speech problems such as mumbling and stuttering and learn how you (and or your staff) can reach the full potential of your voice and speech.

The programme, based at the e-centre at Massey University, New Zealand, and London, UK, is a subscription-based Internet TV Channel that is the result of over 30 years learning and practice in the area of English speech training and accent/voice coaching.

SpeechSchool.TV provides high quality audio visual training every week along with downloadable exercises and recordings for daily practice. In this way it replicates the sessions with a leading voice coach, as delivered to well known politicians, actors and international celebrities. Click here to SUBSCRIBE TODAY and benefit from a 10% discount when you quote the code FLOWERS10.

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