Operations Management

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Operations Management is concerned with the design, organisation, control, application of quantitative techniques, and management of operational processes and systems that equip the Operations Manager to make informed qualitative decisions that enhance performance and business optimisation. Mastering Operations Management tools is strategic to equipping you and your organisation to thrive in today’s dynamic agile-centric global business domain and constantly changing functional requirements. Operations Management, interwoven with Supply Chain Management, ideally balances managerial issues and quantitative techniques with respect to co-evolving with the constantly changing customer requirements, legislation, complexities and the business environment.

Understanding operations management, developing operations and business strategies, product design and process selection, supply chain management, total quality management (TQM), introduction to statistical quality control (SQC) and just-in-time (JIT) systems, capacity planning and localisation of facility, resource planning and scheduling, project management, quality management tools, product and service design, process design and technology decisions, forecasting, capacity and facilities planning, inventory management, human resource in operations management, resource planning, lean enterprise, six sigma quality.

The Diploma in Operations Management course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject content. The course is designed to equip the course participant to pursue a long-term career in Operations Management in any organisation. However, a foundational level in Mathematics would be helpful.

Upon completion, the course participant will gain practical understanding and deeper insights in the design, organisation, implementation tools, and the management of operational processes and systems as a core competence required for optimising business processes.

The course participant will gain the skills for:

Developing Operations Management

Operations Strategy and Competitiveness

Quality Systems Management

Capacity Planning and Facility Management

Supply Chain Management

Course Materials

Course resources will be available at the Flowers Online Learning portal, enriched through case studies and practical exercises.

Course Length

Complete between 4.5 − 12 months at your own pace

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Candidates must achieve a minimum of 60% to be awarded the Diploma in Operations Management.


Continuous assessment or exercises as you progress.

Option #1: Instructor-facilitated Online Study

Course Venue: Flowers Online Learning (FOL) portal
Course Fee: US $150.00
Registration: TBA
FOL Access Length: 12 months
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Option #2: Instructor-led In-Class

Course Venues: In-Class
Course Fee: US $400
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