Academic Writing and Publication

Course Information

This is an introductory course in grammar and composition that benefits students who aspire university education and/or publishing. It may also interest anyone who desires to improve his/her language proficiency or planning to return to school after a long break. The course will help participants develop basic academic/university style communication and composition. Topics include grammar, parts of speech, sentence and paragraph structure, constitution of academic paper, and gathering information to write and publish.

Section I: Back to Basics

Grammar, Parts of Speech

Using Verb Forms, Tense, Agreement and Idioms

Using Phrases and Clauses

Section II: Writing the Paper

Your Audience, Purpose and Expected Outcome

Types of Essays

Types of Research Papers

Section III: Writing Publishable Materials

Constructing Good Thesis Statement or Research Question

Constituents of Research Papers

Getting Published – Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Journals

Graduate students, professionals, and exceptional upper level undergraduates

The course will take lecture format interspersed with group discussions, learning exercises, and discovery learning.

As an introductory course, this course is designed for anyone interested in writing and publishing. More so, it will attract individuals who desire university education.

Next course event — forthcoming

Date: TBA

Time: 10:00 – 18:00

Venues: TBA

Tuition: 19 – 20.4.2018

Registration: TBA

Attendance: 2 Full Days