Grant/Research Proposal Writing

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Acquisition of grants and funding to carry out research projects is a multi-faceted process that requires proposal development and writing. A successful proposal entails complex layers of coordination between principal investigators, funding agencies, and institutional infrastructure, including ethical approval and certification. Generally, funding agencies requests specific formats or forms to be submitted in order to conduct the project. Although most agencies will provide some sort of guidance regarding the proposal’s content, page limitations or numbers of copies required, it is important to be acquainted with the basic elements that constitute a grant/research proposal. Upon completing this course, students are expected to acquire basic skills on identifying funding agencies and writing a proposal for a small skill community-based project.

Key definition, concepts, and terminology for grant and proposal writing

Identifying funding/grant agencies

Understanding funding/grant agencies’ requirements

Incorporating the common elements of a proposal

Ethics and certification requirements

Revising and (re)submitting the proposal

This course is designed for anyone interested in seeking funding (or not) to conduct small-skill community-based projects.

The course will take lecture format interspersed with group discussions, learning exercises, written assignments and discovery learning.

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