Lean Engineering

Theoretical Background

The Diploma in Lean Engineering introduces participants to the core principles of Lean Six Sigma processes as a core competence to reinforce the value of continuous improvements in today’s dynamic business environment. Lean is an integrated management system that places emphasis on the elimination of waste and the continuous improvement of business operations. It is basically reminiscent of the Toyota Production Systems (TPS). The quality problems identified by Lean Systems can be solved by employing the Six Sigma (6σ) techniques to reduce variability in order to enhance process capabilities. Mastering Lean tools can empower the individual to manage business operations in industry, organisations and government agencies.

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Ishmael Ansah MSc, MBA, CPM

Project Engineer

Elements of Lean Production, Benefits of Lean Production, Quality Systems, Six Sigma, Implementing Lean Production, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Services (Retailing, Banking, Health Care, Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma, Environment) and core Project Management.

Understanding Lean

The Toyota Production System

The Toyota Production System House

The Five Critical Improvement Concepts

Understanding Value with the Kano Model

Types of Waste

Creating a Lean Enterprise

The Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle

Using the R-DMAIC-S Model

Lean Thinking Tools

Kaizen Events

Data Gathering and Mapping

The Postgraduate Diploma in Lean Engineering course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject content. This course, which is cross-disciplinary in nature, is designed to equip the student to pursue a long-term career in Lean Management with Project Management background in any industrial environment.

The course content is structured to help the course participant harness existing quality systems in order to optimise business and manufacturing operations.

The course participant will gain practical understanding and deeper insights in the implementation of Lean principles as a core competence required for planning innovative and continuous improvement schemes for an organisation (production and service sectors).

At the end of the module, the student will be able to Employ various Lean techniques and quality tools to improve stakeholder (external and internal customer, employer and employee) satisfaction and productivity; Use concepts from the course content to solve organizational and quality problems; Employ precise Lean language and terminology to effectively communicate in both spoken and written forms; Engender the learning of the concepts and properties of Lean tools within an organisation; and Devise a feasible framework to maintain continuous improvements within the organisation.

Course Materials:

Course resources will be available at the Flowers Online Learning portal, enriched through case studies and practical exercises.

Course Length:

Complete between 4.5 − 12 months at your own pace

Teaching Method:


Language of Instruction:



Candidates must achieve a minimum of 60% to be awarded the Diploma in Lean Engineering.


A combination of continuous assessment will encompass: exercises, short essays, group or individual reports and or project work leading to a publishable paper as may be determined by course director(s), and presentations.

Option #1: Instructor-faciliated Online Study

Course Venue: Flowers Online Learning (FOL) portal

Course Fee: US $150.00

Registration: Rolling (Open Enrolment)

FOL Access Length: 12 months

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Option #2: Instructor-led Blended Learning

Course Venues: In-Class and FOL

Course Fee: US $500

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