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General interest in global public health is evolving rapidly as emerging issues spring out everyday. Public health problems are intensified in resource poor countries where citizens are generally excluded and/or have limited access to social services. What are the challenging topics of concerns for people working in international public health? Who should take the lead in addressing current issues in public health? This course aims to help students acquire knowledge and skills in identifying emerging public health issues, and also examining, synthesizing and analyzing information, research findings and international reports on at least ten current topics. A brief synopsis on world health issues will be presented with reference to several international declarations as it relates to global health challenges.

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Clement E. Nyadroh MPhil. Bacteriology, BSc (Hons), Cert Public Health

Migration Health and Human Trafficking (regular and irregular migrants and stateless people)

Ethics and Research in Developing Countries

Mental Health (trafficked children, unaccompanied minors, and adolescents)

Health Workers Migration Crises

Global Public Health, Trade and Intellectual Property Rights (Multi-national Drug Trade)

Indigenous/Aboriginal Health (emphasis on women, adolescents, and emerging diseases)

Health Promotion and Inter-cultural Communication (emphasis on Western hegemony)

Public Health Prevention & Policy in Conflict Situation (SGBV in conflicts)

Global Drug Crisis (malaria, HIV/AIDS, vaccine)

Women and Children’s Health (poverty, hunger and violence)

Global Health Governance (emphasis on state responsibility and international coordination)

Graduate students, professionals, and exceptional upper level undergraduates

Health practitioners, policy makers, upper level university students, health administrators, researchers, international health experts, etc.

Lecture style teaching with small/large group discussion and problem-base learning.

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Attendance: 5 Week Days