Migration Law and Health

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National governments pride themselves on setting excellent immigration laws that are both welcoming to visitors/tourist yet closed to “illegal migrants”. As 75% of the world continues to suffer social, economic, political, and environmental mishap, the borders of advanced countries appear to be awash with immigrants in search of “greener pastures”. To keep up with the flow in the face of national security and threats, national governments are constantly charged with implementing effective laws and policies. How effective are these laws and policies and to what extent they affect migrants social, economically and physical are the central focus of this course. The course will draw on examples of international cases.

Introduction: Migration Trends and Patterns – Global Perspective

History of Migration and Health in Canada

Migration Law: Concepts, Theories and Evidence (e.g., the Healthy Immigrant Effect)

Overview of Migration Legislation in Canada

The Canadian Constitution and Other Regulatory Bodies

Origin of the Immigration and Refugee Law in Canada

Immigrants and the Court System: Immigration and Refugee Board

Migrants, Terrorism and National Security

Health Status of Migrants (refugees, stateless persons, undocumented, smuggled and trafficked person)

Health Care and Services for Migrants

Social Services (housing, education, employment) for Migrants

Migration Health Law & Policy Research, Evaluation and Surveillance

Graduate students, professionals, and exceptional upper level undergraduates

Health practitioners, policy makers, upper level university students, health administrators, researchers, international health experts, etc.

The course will take lecture format interspersed with students’ presentations. Subject to availability, students will have the opportunity to visit local immigration and refugee offices to have first hand experience.

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Time: 10:00 – 17:00

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Attendance: 5 Week Days