Women’s Health and Human Rights

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Women’s health and human rights issues are complex, broad and diverse. This course attempts to present an overview of women’s health and human rights concerns from a comparative international perspective. Taking into consideration women’s life span (from birth to adulthood) the courses dissects various socio-legal implications on women’s health and human rights such as unequal access to education, vulnerability to sexual violence and abuse, maternal mortality and challenges associated with feministic approaches toward implementing change. The course draws from a wide range of sources, including information about women’s advocacy in Canada.

Introduction: Women’s Health and Human Rights Concepts, Theories and Normative Approaches

International and National Women’s Human Rights Laws

Growth Curve: Birth, Childhood, Adolescence and Womanhood

Poverty and Social Impact: Access to Health, Education, Food, and Employment

Youth and Adolescent Girls: Body Image, Sexuality and Relationships

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Puberty, Maternity, Motherhood

Vulnerability: Violence, Abuse, and Discrimination

Women and the Court Systems International and National Perspectives

Women in Conflicts: Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Trafficked and Smuggled Women

Women’s Mental Health and Disabilities

Aging, Illness and Resilience

Feminism, Advocacy and Women’s Work

Graduate students, professionals, and exceptional upper level undergraduates

Legal practitioners, women’s rights advocates, international development workers, aid workers, public health practitioners, psychologists, counselors, policy makers, upper level university students in women/gender studies, health administrators, researchers, etc.

Although this class will take a lecture format it will be highly interactive providing opportunity for students to simulate court cases, groups and women leaders.

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Course Venue: Accra, Ghana

Teaching Mode: Instructor-led In-class

Course Fee: US $475 *US $250 per delegate (20% group discount for 10+ delegates) – *Fee with Partial Scholarship

Next Course: 30.11 – 2.12.2017

Course Length: 3 full training days

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Registration: Open

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