Five Reasons to Support Flowers

We strive to serve the interest of students from low wage backgrounds, in developing countries and elsewhere. As such, regardless of keeping course fees at the barest minimum, we also offer a range of free courses and automatic need-based partial scholarships, whenever available.
Apart from the usually pro bono sacrifices Flowers faculty members make, coupled with the institution-financed facilities, we do not have any external institutional funding. This does not prevent us from assisting others in need of educational support. With your generous support, the vision to develop a new multi-purpose state-of-the-art complex (as semi-rendered in 3D block diagrams scrolling across the screen to the right) could become a reality. This will help us expand in facilities to do more for the sector we thrive to serve.

We are among the few institutions in the world with the heart to seek the deprived, refugees, victims of war, etc., to help them with the capacity-building training they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Where necessary we also partner with non-governmental/non-profit organisations in both developed and developing countries to offer collaborated capacity-building training workshops for the underprivileged free of charge. A number of courses are free via the Flowers Online Learning portal. These activities align with our mission to give back to society.
Given the size of our core demographics (developing countries and low wage earners worldwide), we do not only offer flexible instructor-facilitated distance or instructor-led in-class learning experiences, but also endeavour to sometimes take the classroom to our learning enthusiasts. Because of limited resources, we have had to turn down quite a significant number of travel-faculty requests.

Sustaining Access to Affordable Education

As an institution where training, research & knowledge transfer seek to coevolve with the constantly changing environment, we continue to collaborate with academics and industries in an effort to take our innovation and engineering concepts to a realised level. However, due to limited resources, innovative concepts that could potentially benefit society remain frozen.